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Sylvie Blattner podiatrist (chiropodist)

You need to treat an ingrown toenail, corns or a callus?
Come and see me, by appointment, in my practice at the
Plaines-du-Loup 64 in Lausanne at +41 21 647 00 60.



Pourquoi venir chez moi?

Why you should come to me for treatment


  •  I have 27 years of experience; 


  • I keep up-to-date on new techniques and developments in the profession through continuing education;


  • I speak fluent English.

Les cors, les durillons, l'hyperkératose, les oeil-de-perdrix, les verrues

What do I treat?


  • Corns, calluses, hyperkeratosis, sores and ulcers between the toes, warts (advices only)​;


  • Ingrown toenails, bruises under the nails, reconstruction of broken and lost toenails;


  • I make precise, custom-made protective orthoplasties for treatment of persistent corns and sores.

Quels sont les avantages de mon cabinet?

About my clinic?


  • My clinical setup is modern and state of the art. (I have among others, air-driven turbines  to remove stubborn corns painlessly);


  • My clinic is easily accessible by bus and by car. It is located on the ground floor of the building.

Si vous avez des questions?

If you have queries ?


  • I give advice on treatment for fungal infection around the toes and toenails, and on treatments for warts;


  • In the field of podiatry, I specialise in treating people with diabetes and other circulatory problems;


  • I give advice on appropriate footwear to maximise the health of your feet;

Who am I ?


I am a Swiss-qualified podiatrist with 25 years of experience. I received my diploma from l'Ecole Cantonale Vaudoise de Pédicures in the autumn of 1995. Being eager to stay ahead in my field, I attend continuing education courses regularly, particularly those relating to diabetes and chronic diseases. I  work predominantly in my clinic, but I also conduct limited domicile/home care for the disabled.

What is a podiatrist?

A podiatrist is a health professional with a recognised public health degree in podiatry after several years of training. He/she is required to keep up-to-date by attending continuing education courses each year. A podiatrist provides preventive and curative foot care and treatments. This is a para-medical profession not to be confused with that of a pedicure which essentially beautifies feet.


The clinic room is a hygienic area. Only sterile instruments are used for treatment. The setup is modern and is designed for efficiency and patient comfort.


Information on the patient's general health is collected. Advices on care and treatment are generally given after a thorough clinical examination of the feet has been performed.


Treatments provided include:


  • general toenail care, conservative non-surgical treatment of ingrown toenail (orthonyxia) and of deformed toenails;


  • rebuilding a lost toenail (onychoplasty);


  • removal of corns, calluses and other forms of hyper-keratosis;


  • making  custom-made silicon orthoplasties for protecting or correcting a toe  (claw, hammer etc);


  • giving advices on appropriate footware and on matters relating to foot hygiene;


  • monitoring and providing specialised foot care for those with diabetes, arterial or venous circulation deficiencies, chronic diseases etc.


Useful information

Sylvie Blattner, podiatrist

Plaines-du-Loup 64, (ground floor)

1018 Lausanne


For queries and appointment, please call me during the week and during office hours !


Tél. : 021 647 00 60

Mobile: 076 320 27 18


Parking spaces in the blue area in the neighbourhood.


Public transport:

  • Take bus no 1, 20 or N1 get off at bus stop 'Bois-Gentil'

  • or take bus no 21, get off at the terminus at Blécherette

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